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1, 2, Breath, 1, 2, Breath…

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Bilateral breathing! It can't be that hard right?

Imagine learning to brush your teeth with your left hand! See???

After two weeks of swimming most days, here's my coach's feedback;

'Your hands look tight and stroke short as a result, reckon your not getting enough power and distance per stroke. You sort that out it will help with your breath timing and ability to keep the arm high (particularly left arm when breathing to right, other side ok)as you breathe. It’s getting there but your letting the power in your stroke slip as your thinking about it a little too much.'

Other than's perfect. 😳😳😳

So why change from breathing on one side after so long in life?

  • The Catalina swim was so hard on one side! It was 13 hours! Think about how much 'breathing every 3' relieves one side and reduces breaths! Massive! I'll tell you! At a stroke rate of 55 p/min... from 26,000 breaths to 18,000! Wait! It gets better! That's 8,000 per side! I repeat...from 26,000 on one side to 8,000!

  • The Hawaii swim will invariably have massive swells! This gives me the ability to hide by choosing the side I breath! 😉

Should have started this process years ago, right? 🤷‍♂️

So, I'm sticking with it! Here's hoping it starts feeling more natural soon 🙏🤞

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It’s not that hard 😉It’s the only way I know how to swim ….admittedly I can’t swim as fast or efficiently as you but hey……I can breathe both sides 🤪

Gerard Melling
Gerard Melling
Nov 09, 2023
Replying to

Also in open water you can switch to the sheltered side to breath. However I’m still in the 10th percentile despite this insight

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