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3 Weeks Until Swim 5- Hawaii

We fly to Hawaii in 22 days.

Pre- swim brief happened with Captain Mike and the crew yesterday! Why? So that if we need to go as soon as we land, it's done!

The Crew!

  • Steve Corbett (Crew Captain on English Channel, Nth Channel, Cook Strait, Catalina Channel! (Yep! All 4!))

  • Peter Bocquet(Crew at English Channel, Nth Channel)

  • Joel Neeb(Crew at English Channel, Nth Channel)

What's different this time?

So so much!

  • I've completely rebuilt my swim stroke to accomadate a rough swim. I'm now bilateral( breathing on both sides).

  • Training has included significantly more milage (Up to 45km per week). We have also incorporated 2-3 gym sessions, 1 massage, and recently 1 physio session to address some overuse issues.

  • We have recruited @christiejohnson94 to build our nutrition strategy!

  • Although Molokai is only 42km from Oahu, we will fly to the island. The boat trip is taxing and rough.

  • The swim will start at ~6pm at night from Molokai. It will be a complete night swim...and some! 🙄. This gives us the calmest and coolest water.

  • Apparel- we will wear a thinner latex cap. We will wear a red light. (Box jellies can't see it)

  • There will only be red lights on the boat for the same reason.

  • We will NOT use Ocean Grease! Sorry Edward! It's animal fat based and is attractive to sea life!!! We will use Sudocreme, a chemical based nappy rash cream!

  • Vitamins. A ramp in Zinc, Mg and B. I've needed to address some stomach issues. Wound back the B a bit.

  • As part of my diet plan, today I did some weight data capture(as requested). Scary results! 60min swim, drank 600ml of carbs and still dropped 2kg! WTF! That's a gross loss of 2.6kg! How do I replace that?


Ramping nicely! I'll be wrapped in cotton wool out of the pool now.

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This is a great story to follow. Good luck Callum


Sudocreme hahaha

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