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Eat, Sleep, Swim, Repeat...

Well that was a massive weekend! 13Km in 3 days, 26Km for the week.

What I have observed throughout this project, life just goes on. Saturdays are now massive with everyone in the family needing to complete sporting objectives;

Charlie- Soccer, AFL

Sophie- Netball, gymnastics

Mum- Netball, F45

Dad- you guessed it....swim.

We lost an IT industry icon this week. We saw the passing of Rod Lappin. He is an ex-colleague and truly lived every single day. As well as being a husband, father of two and a man that has completely reinvented his health and fitness goals, he ran Lenovo's global sales business.

Sadly, Lenovo will go on. His family and friends will suffer the most.

Life just goes on.

Tour de Cure's three pillars- Be Fit, Be healthy, Be happy. These have resonated with me more than ever this week.

I thought of you a lot this week Rod as I swam. Rest in Peace mate! Live every day!

A call out to my mate Pistol Pete who missed a goal that he was striving for this weekend. Love you mate. Can't imagine undertaking this thing without you.

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