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Gibraltar! Amazing! Number 5!

Spoiler alert! We did it!

As I’ve already said, this swim was surrounded with so much trepidation!

Am I done after the failure of Hawaii? Is the cost of failing a swim too high? Is it really failing? What did I learn?

Today felt like something of a swim of realisation. A realisation that this for fun. Meeting people. Exploring the world. Staying healthy.

Thank you for supporting me. Thank you also for allowing me to swim this one in a way that was new for me. Quietly, and in my own place.

Sea-life check today; 1 sperm whale and a pod of dolphins…oh, and these cool little crabs swimming way WAY out deep. Amazing. The whale and dolphins were sighted from the boat. We did however hear the dolphins!

It’s hard not to be romantic about ocean swimming!

I guess this means we’re going back to reacquaint with my good friend Molokai! AKA the Ka’iwi Channel!

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Congratulations, just AWESOME!!

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Thank you so much!

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