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Marvels Assemble!

Day 2 in Hawaii and we're getting settled. The first chance for a swim off the beaches of Diamond Head. Amazing! Visibility 7/10.

Great to get crew members Peter, Steve and Joel back together. The last swim we all united for was The North Channel in Ireland in 2022.

A swim off the beach today saw an array of wildlife!

Turtles, tropical fish...and a pretty decent sized 1m shark sauntering by me. Sheesh!

One highlight today was my parallel parking prowess! The biggest car into the smallest space driven LHD award! 🥇 [Proof attached]

The weather window we saw yesterday has firmly closed. Man! 😡! It really does blow here..and the climate is so volatile. So, we wait!

Tomorrow I'll swim with a local squad off the coast at Diamond Head. We have a sneaky tip that Oceans 7 creater Steve Munatones is in town. We'll see if he comes out for a swim with his old mates. He lives on the US mainland but was a resident in Hawaii for some time!

I'll keep you posted!

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