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One Month In!

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

T minus 6 months and counting!

‘Nothing Great is Easy’ Captain Matthew Webb- 1875 First English Channel Swimmer

As promised, the first of my monthly updates on my challenge to swim the English Channel in August. What a month! Six weeks in and the learnings are huge. The mileage is tough. I am swimming more than 27km a week. Food intake- I’m not eating enough to replace what I’m burning. The issue that highlights is that I need to put weight on to counter the cold of the channel! That leads me to my next issue- I need cold water. I have a plan to find it, but 6 weeks training on the equator has been great for my tan…not much else! This is really worrying me actually. Sleep - I am resting any chance that I can get. My family – they are amazing! Thank you all for your support and encouragement. The miles are about to increase, and I will be travelling soon as winter looms down under. See you all next month!

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