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Stepping back up to the Plate! Gibraltar!

After leaving Singapore for Gibraltar 10 days ago, it looks like my trend of getting away on the last day of our window continues!

We have been called up by the local crew. We need to be at the boat in 22 hours! We are set to be toes in at 10:30am Central European Summer Time, 8:30pm NZT, 6:30pm Sydney time, 4:30pm Singapore time

The swim tracker remains the same as previous swims and is accessible on the front page of 

We’ll see how this unfolds!

This is such a complex swim! Only permitted on daylight hours, the variables are many! Wind, tides, fog…and the embrace and permission of the Moroccan Government! They only allow 7 swims to reach their shores per year! Hence, the massive waiting list!

On a personal note, a quieter approach to this swim. I just want to enjoy the incredibly unique experience of swimming the body of water that separates Europe and Africa.

See you soon!

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