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T Minus 10 Days

Ten days until we all convene in the land of lava and hibiscus flowers.

I find myself trainspotting the weather app. Had to upgrade to 'Windy Premium' to get a longer range forecast. Doesn't seem to impact the weather though 🤦‍♂️! [Photo attached]

Taper; verb (definition) when you allow your (tired, old) body the time to recover from the load of training you have been layering on day after day since Santa came last year! Refer: Strava

It's also when you tend to pick up colds and bugs as you take time out of the training ramp to rest.

In addition, it is a time when you require calm and patience to not overdo the training, in turn underdoing the recovery time.

Taper. Often coupled with 'Temper', 'Tantrum', and 'Grumpy'.

Note: Video credit to Mike Twigg. He'll be our captain on the swim. Footage shot at the beginning of a channel crossing on March 19, 2024 (~6:30pm)

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