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T Minus 60 days to Hawaii!

You know... one of the interesting things about this channel...everyone thinks it will be easy. Warm water...White Sands!

Fact. I’m terrified. It’s the longest of the channels at 42km as the crow flies!

I‘ll need to swim through the night. The boat won‘t be close in order to NOT atract sea life. I’ll be totally alone in the dark. It’s big.

I’m worried that people are now numb to expecting success. 😳

To add...I’m training really bloody hard. So hard that I’m fearing overuse injuries. My shoulders are sore. putting a shirt on hurts. I have also now hired a film crew.😳😳😳

Apart from all that, I’m as cool as a cucumber.

Work is intense. Awesome, but intense.

Have I bitten off too much? Probably...but hey! 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️

What i have done now is recruited an amazing crew.

I can’t do the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff alone. So, please meet my team for all the swims;

Sarah ‘I’m the boss‘ Eade

Gravity (Charlie Evans)- Big rock/ Chef/ Program Director

Geoff Huegill- Olympic medalist

Tracey Veivers- Sports Psychologist

Boon- Masseur

Peter- Nuisance and shit singer.

Adam and Lee- film crew! Sophie and Charlie- #1 support crew!

Yep! It’s big!

I've had a year of massive personal tests that have only made me stronger. Swimming has been my solace. Family has been my foundation of stone and unconditional love.

Dream big. I dare you. I am.


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Love it Callum, no point in living without big dreams that are turned to reality!! ♥️👏🏻


To accomplish big things… you must first dream big dreams. Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit - Conrad Hilton, Callum you are living all of this - good luck over the count down 👍🏻

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