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T- Minus 72 Days!

As I continue my build up in my attempt to swim the English Channel, all of a sudden we are only 75 days away from heading to the UK!

Mileage has been challenging this month. Travel has been intense but I have been able to average 25km a week.

Fund raising is well in swing. Off the back of support from so many of you, as well as a FANTASTIC Cocktail night here in Singapore this month we have now passed through the $35,000 mark! Wow! This puts us well on track to achieve our $100,000 target.

I also travelled to Port Melbourne Bay this month where I swam with my coach, and met a bunch of equally crazy and committed swimmers!

This month (June) I have two key swim camps that will ensure I get more cold water ocean time.

We also are excited about hosting our Fund Raising dinner on June 15.

See you next month team!

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