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10 Days Out!

10 days until I board a plane.


15 days until my tide opens.


How do I feel? Well, life has done a pretty fine job of getting in the middle of this build up.


Ocean swimming is an interesting sport. There is no start gun. There is no stadium at the finish line.


Yet, it has become a MASSIVE part of helping me manage my mental health. A massive part of my community, and a MASSIVE part of how the Eade’s use sport to manage the hand we have been dealt.


Personally, a few niggles that I need to address. A sore shoulder and a problematic hip! Are they more mental than physical? I can assure you that an hour into this channel they will not be a distraction.


What do we expect to encounter on this swim? The sealife is incredible. A fellow swimmer 10 days ago encountered a multitude of Jellyfish species, including my old foe…the Lions Mane! [Look him up!] It was cold enough to attract a flock of penguins!


My plan….I know I have the mental fortitude to settle in and get to work. I need to enjoy the first half. Ireland was a swim of MASSIVE anticipation. I was waiting for the cold. How long could I survive?


In NZ, I really want the ocean and I to agree that I can be present for a few hours. I want her to open her arms and just let me in for a little while.


One more solid training week here in Singapore.

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