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29 Days Until Our Swim Window Opens- Cook Strait ’23!

We’re inside 5 weeks to go! A solid 26Km week completed today.


With the run-up well under way, next weekend I’m going to try something unique. The objective being to re-establish my focus on ‘mental fortitude’.


The Plan!




A swim block to start every 5 hours on the 5 hours. The distances, 10km in the first 5 hours, 8km in the second 5 hours, and so on. The schedule;


Friday, 6am-       10km

Friday, 11am-     8km

Friday, 4pm-       6km

Friday, 9pm-       4km

Saturday, 2am- 2km

Saturday, 7am- 1km


Total Time allocated to completion-         30 hours

Distance to swim                                              30km


The Objective: Long and Slow. Relaxed and in control.


By completing this next weekend, I’ll have a solid 3 weeks recovery before heading to Aotearoa!


Here we go! Buckle on in!

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