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30 Days to Hawaii

The ramp has been massive!

Niggles, fatigue. There's so much to consider with this swim!

I'm managing my diet closely for the next month, including a ramped vitamin intake plan.

The Swim;

It's going to be hot- my cap will be a thinner latex, not silicon.

It's going to be dark- red lights only! Green attracts too many animals!

It's going to be long- we've recruited a specialist nutritionist! That's cheap! 🙄

Fatigue in the swim is massive! We'll fly from Oahu to Molokai for the start to save me and the crew from the fatigue of getting to the swim start.

This week is the first of a three week ramp- 40km this week, 45km next week, and finally 50km starting the week of March 11th.

I really am enjoying the 'unchartered waters' of this project! So much to consider! For example, is the lubricant I will use animal fat based? That would be appealing to a shark! 😧

More to come.

I'll keep you posted...

Photo- Dalby (Australia) swim squad. I was 5 times older than the oldest squad swimmer! 🤓

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