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35 Days to Go! Cook Strait NZ!

The original plan was for NZ (Home Game!) to be the last of the Oceans 7 swims that I attempt.


But when opportunity knocks! I have been offered a tide…and I’m taking it!


Some facts;


  • The Cook Strait (Between the Nth and Sth Island) is 22.5km at its narrowest point


  • Cook Strait can also be one of the world's roughest stretches of water. It's part of the westerly wind belt known as the Roaring Forties. As the only gap between the mountainous main islands of the country, the strait acts like a huge wind tunnel.


  • Cook Strait Canyon starts just 10 kilometres off the coast in 50 metre water depths and plunges to 3000 metres!


  • Unlike many channels around the world, the neap tide (Ideal swimming tide) is very short…only 5 days. As a comparison the Irish Channel is 10 days. So, the window where we need water and weather conditions to align is small!


  • 83 New Zealanders have successfully swum the Cook Strait! (135 people in total).


Needless to say, it’s one moody piece of water!


I’ll keep you posted with updates as we get closer!


Let’s get in there!!!!

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