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49 Days to Go!!!

What a month!

The Training- With 7 weeks to go until the swim, I have just completed my biggest swim training week of 60km. On top of that, this weekend I was part of a swim camp where we swam 2 consecutive days…7 hours on day 1, 5 hours on day 2. Both days were at or around 16 degrees Celsius, (Perfect conditions). In addition, over the weekend I shared Jervis Bay with seals, dolphins, Port Jackson sharks and stingrays! Amazing!

Fundraising- I want to thank you all so so much. As many of you will have seen via social media, we have surpassed our $100k target…and we are just going to keep on going! I want to once again acknowledge and thank all of those you that donated. I also want to thank all of the hard work that my wife Sarah put into the entire campaign over the last 6 months. The events that we held included sports events ice block sales, a cocktail evening, and a charity auction. Amazing! Sarah and I are so humbled. All the money will go to our researcher. The more we raise to fight DIPG, the more she can do.

Keep up to date via our webpage, at

The next time I post an update, we will be just 3 weeks out! Exciting!

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