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5 Months to go!

So, we are 5 months out from the swim.

What a month February has been!

I have changed my swim stroke, (Chloe, you rock!), refined my diet, overcome a stomach virus, and completely forgotten how to ride a push bike! 🙂

We’ve had a ton of fun with a GoPro filming poolside. Check out the coverage.

Team Eade (Sarah) is in full swing preparing for Tour de Cure fund raising! Stand by! I’m coming for your money!

In regard to the swim itself, the house on the White Cliffs is booked, the van is booked, and the flights are all locked in. Look out Dover…the Eade’s are coming!

Thank you again to Sarah for catering for this mad training regime.

The hardest thing is the relentless pool time. I have an entirely new appreciation for the athletes that do this full time. I also have a new understanding for the ‘crash’ that occurs at the end of their career. It’s a tough game. If it was easy, they’d call it football!

My body is changing shape. Not much I can do about it, but it’s like doing 2 hours of back and shoulders weights every day! I’ll have to deal with that after the swim. I guess a sub 3-hour marathon in my life is slipping from my grasp! Ha!

March will be a travel-hectic 30 days for work. The goal is a couple of big weeks with a minimum 25kms every week.

Then, April is when we head into the colder months and I head to Australia to swim off the South-East coast! Brrrrr! See you in 30 days!

Thanks for the support team!

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