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$50,000! THANK YOU!

With all your help, we have raised our target of $50,000 for lung cancer research! Incredible!

On behalf of Jessica Duarte from the Olivia Newton Cancer Research Institute and the team at Tour de Cure, thank you all so much! Support has come from all over the globe! So amazing!

After 10 days back home, I’m pleased to say I’m back in the pool.

A pretty chilled week back with the squad. 5 days swimming this week. A cathartic way to put everything in context.

With horrible events happening in Bondi and West Sydney, life really is so precious.

Today I’ve built a plan for the next 3 weeks. Time in the pool focused more about holding all the pre- Hawaii work.

Week of April 22- 22km (6 pool sessions/ 2 gym)

Week of April 29- 32km (8 pool sessions/ 2 gym)

Week of April 22- 25km (7 pool sessions/ 2 gym)

Fitness diminishes so so fast. Another issue is the speed at which you lose your feel for the water.

Gibraltar is ~15km(as the crow flies) with water temperature at 16-18 degrees Celcius!

More to come soon!

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