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A New Chapter...

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Hi team! Ive been a little quiet lately so felt an update was due. Firstly thank you so so much for all your support....both in and out of the pool.

Sarah has encountered a speed bump. The primary tumor is growing and we have a new entrant in her right lung.

Right. We met with the radiologist to build a plan. Sarah also met with her oncologist who is running tests to see if the new tumour in her lung is of a new genetic makeup that Tagrisso won’t kill. The path forward;

1. Await the biopsy results to see how we kill the new arrival. (3 week wait)

2. Sarah will start a 20 day radiation program. She will measure up for it on Monday, commencing treatment straight after that.

We’re all exhausted tonight but we’re charging straight at this thing! 🥊

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