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Callumfornia Dreamin’

50 days until swim #4! Training is tracking well. A trip to India this last week saw me contract ANOTHER sinus infection. One full day off, a few augmentum tablets and a shit ton of sleep and I still delivered a 25km week. ✅

One more ramp week( 40km) and then 1 recovery (20km) week.

Then the last 3 week build -1 week recover cycle to Catalina.

Anaerobic Threshold testing 10 days ago provided some exciting results and gains! A CSS improvement of 8 seconds per 100m. That's BIG! This translates to me having a stronger engine that can run longer and faster at the same revs. How? I put it down to 3 things over the last 90 days;

Alcohol- NONE!

Strength- we have been on a massive build ramp in the gym. Squad sessions have also seen a new level added to speed sessions.

Mileage- we have built the milage plan, as well as incorporated key 'slow- steady' sessions.

I really want to go to Catalina with a plan to enjoy the swim. The conditions of this swim are 'comfortable'. Warmer, hopefully calmer. I'd love to give this a real nudge and in the process enjoy it!

We'll see!

Thanks for reading! I'll keep you posted!

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Chris Jones
Chris Jones
06 aug. 2023

Nice update bro. Glad to hear it's going well. 'How' fourth thing... no footie practice!!

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