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In the famous words of Freddy Mercury.... ’I LOVE YOU ALL!!!’

Well, what a massive couple of weeks it has been. Melbourne was great. Huge, but great! I’m flying in the pool.

This weekend I have one 20km swim planned here in Asia.

Next weekend I head back to Melbourne for two 20km swims on Saturday and Sunday back in the Bay!

I’ve bought a bath here in Singapore and commenced ice baths! Sarah and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday(Woohoo!) and then I’m on the wagon( no alcohol) until the crossing! It’s game time.

A new learning. There are two kinds of people that I have experienced in channelmania. There are the ones that are SO supportive of what I am doing. They use words like respect, support, amazed, pride. There is the rest that just can’t understand why I would do this. They use words like stupid, crazy, idiotic. Thankfully the later group equates to less than 2 percent. I don’t want those people around me.

Thank you for all your support. You know it’s important to me to have you behind me 🙏🙏

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