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Lots Going On!

Swim #4, 'Catalina to LA' is now only 150 days away. Training is building nicely.

I'll head to Melbourne for a swim camp this coming weekend. Excited to get some cold Kms in, not necessarily because Catalina requires it, but because I enjoy it.

Stength training comtinues to ramp. A noticeable difference in my ability to generate power. Currently working on ensuring that is the case the entire way through the stroke catch.

In other news, plans are well under way for our Black Tie Charity Auction Fund Raiser.

We will host 115 guests here in Singapore with 2 objectives...have a great night and raise money for cancer research.

The Date: September 2! 20 days before we depart for Catalina!

The fundraiser target: $100,000!

I'll keep you posted! Exciting!

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