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11 Days to Dover!

…and just like that, the last 8 months of training, massages, fund raising, cold water preparation and testing has all come down to this.

I’m now wrapping myself up in cotton wool, taking vitamins, sleeping well and simply doing everything that I need to in order to get to Dover ready to go.

The month has been interesting, as my body has shown the signs of the combined work and training load. I have suffered from a few aches and pains, but nothing that will stand in the way of getting this project done!

How will the swim work? My scheduled swim date is August 21. That said, the weather gods play a significant role in deciding when my boat skipper thinks the time is right to attempt the crossing.

Appropriately, Sarah will manage Social Media so you will all be kept up to date with the swim date, time and action as it unfolds.

I’ll make one more post right here from Dover to ensure you all have the link to follow the swim LIVE across the channel.

Thank you again for all of your support and encouragement.

A big call out to Team Eade- Sarah, Sophie and Charlie are all packed and set to create a storm of excitement in Dover!

See you soon…from the White Cliffs of Dover!

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