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New Chapter, new friends...

Hey all...

One of the observations that is apparent to me already is the new network of people that I am meeting. You know, when you challenge yourself with extraordinary goals, people around you also welcome the chance to do extraordinary things. Emilio is the 'godfather' of the NUS 50m olympic pool. He has immersed (pun intended) himself in my project.

I've also learnt that you need to bring these people on the journey. They make it SO SO much more possible.

Emilio today - 'Have you done 4km yet?' :-)

I also met Paul Cameron at the pool today. I raced Challenge Roth with Paul. He has seen my posts and wants to be a 'hare' in the pool with me. Love it! I'll take all the help that I can get.

If you saw my earlier post today, I also had a random mail from John Maclean. John was hit by a truck years ago whilst training for a triathlon. He was left paralyzed from the waist down. He has since gone on to so many milestones. Special Olympics, Channel Crossing, Ironman name a few! John saw my LinkedIn post and pinged me. He has sent me his Channel Crossing video...which I have already watched twice! Tears both times!

I am so pumped. January 5th. This is a day of milestones. Many more to come.


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