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North Channel! Game On!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Yes…it’s been a little quiet! Thanks COVID!

We’re back on. We have just booked a tide for the second( and arguably toughest) Ocean swim of the 7…The North Channel!

We plan to be in Ireland at the start of August! Here we go…9 months build up. My sweetspot!

Looking forward to keeping you all posted!

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3 Kommentare

30. Okt. 2021

Game on. Ready and willing.

Gefällt mir

Go time. You’re a force bigger than a pandemic! X

Gefällt mir

Peter Bocquet
Peter Bocquet
29. Okt. 2021

To paraphrase someone famous “the longest swim begins with the first lap”. Can’t wait !!

Gefällt mir
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