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Redondo Dolphins Open Their Arms

Such a special morning today to head down to Redondo Beach and swim with the locals!

Thank you to Cathy, Gerard, Niecia, Heather and the team for such a warm welcome.

One of the things that makes OW swimming s special is the community.

From the Chunky Dunkers of Donaghadee to the Picton Open Water Swimming Club, it really is heartwarming to meet these lovely people.

Open water swimming is so incredibly good for our mental and physical health. To's free!

Today we saw sting rays safely a long way below us scouring the sea bottom for food. We first heard, then saw dolphins surfing in the waves created by one of the piers. The marina hosted a couple of cheeky seals! Not to mention the bird life above head. There were pelicans flying in formation up and down the coast! Amazing! To think, all in coexistence with a city of 20 million people on its shores.

It really is a privilidge to be able to enjoy this sport!

In 24 hours we'll be heading to the marina to roundevoux with the lady of the sea that will navigate us through this challenge, 'Pacific Moon'. A coincidence that we'll swim on a full moon? 😉

Thank you for all the well wishes from around the globe! Amazing!

Let me assure you, none of these 7 are easy. Today a fellow swimmer encountered 4 metre swells! Sheesh!

See you on the other side!


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