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T Minus 4 Days to Catalina!


Hello from Los Angeles!


We are all settled in and getting ready to take on the Catalina Channel Swim! This will be the 4th swim that I attempt as part of the Oceans 7 global swimming challenge!


What makes this swim unique? In order to avoid the blustery afternoon winds the swim is effectively a night swim! It can also provide very changeable water temperatures!


When will we swim?


We meet at the San Pedro Marina this coming Thursday night! We plan to be in the water swimming from Catalina Island to LA at 10pm, Thursday September 28th (LA time);


6:00pm NZ time (Friday, Sept 29th)

1:00pm SG time (Friday, Sept 29th)

3:00pm AEST (Friday, Sept 29th)


Thank you everyone for all the support! I’ll get you the link to enable you to follow the red dot as soon as we have it!


Let’s goooooo!


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