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Thank you! Last Night we Raised Over $40,000 for Cancer Research!


We had the band back together!

  • Jessica the researcher from Olivia Newton John Cancer Research Institute came back to Singapore!

  • Tom King, our MC flew in from Sydney!

  • Shaun McEwan from Eagle Eye Auctions was in the house

  • The Channeling a Cause crew were hard at it!

With over 120 guests, as well as sponsors that included McLaren Singapore, Wholesale Electric Asia, Now Comms, Up 2 Speed, A Raft of Otters, we heard Jessica tell of the work she has done, as well as her plans!

She was excited to tell us that with the money we raised last year she is well on track to help find a path to early detection of lung cancer. She was also recently awarded a fellowship! There were 4 awarded directions of Australia! Simply put, she now gets to employ and build her own team! This woman is incredible!

This takes a massive village and a shit ton of work, but I tell you...12 hours after the event and I've never been more inspired to 'just keep swimming!' With the help of so many people we really are making a difference! The money is going right into the hands of the researcher! In fact...better! She's on the team helping raise the funds! Full circle!

To add, over 60% of last nights room were attending their first Channeling A Cause event! Part 2 of our core mission is awareness. Cancer is best fought well before we need to see a doctor! We talked about personal responsibility, self care and healthy living!


So. I'll try to catch my breath. We're so so humbled by this community!

26 days until we leave for Hawaii!

Let's keep going!

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