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Time to Come Home

It was so exciting to be in NZ waters and preparing for my ‘homecoming’.


The plan had originally been to swim The Cook Strait last, but when opportunity knocks….


48 hours out from the swim and I had effectively told my crew I was not comfortable proceeding. With Sarah’s health seeing her commencing chemotherapy, it just didn’t feel right.


The worst times were

actually when the sun was down. It was easy to slip into a negative mindset and fear the worst outcome.


A lot of talks, and a focus on turning fear into positive energy and we were ready!


The day was amazing. The tide was perfect! My crew were on point all day!


6hrs 41 mins, to become the 5th fastest NZ male to ever swim the Cook Strait.


This really did feel like I was being welcomed home.


Thank you everyone for all the support!



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