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To Hell and Back...

Hi team!

This has been an insane week!

I swam 38km. My biggest week prior to this is 30km, and I’m proud to say 19km of this week was in the ocean.

I swam 16km in Port of Melbourne in 16 degrees over 5 hours!

At points, I genuinely questioned what I am doing and what I am putting myself and family through. At 45 minutes in, I was worried that I needed to get out. After that(complemented with some pumpkin soup), I settled down and relaxed.

This project is bigger than anything I have ever done.

I learnt so so many things this weekend.

One thing I will tell you. I have so so much work to do. This is such a big project!

Thank you all for your help, support and patience. I will give this everything I have...that I promise you 👊

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