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Catalina! Beware, she’s got a bite!


Thank you so so much for all the support around the world!

That was truly a test.

Last night I swam 8 hours in the dark of night. Feeding off a kayak from someone I didn’t know.

I was truly alone.

I had a current at my nose the whole way.

In NZ’s Cook Strait in March I got really shitty at 80%. Last night I stayed dead calm and let Mother Nature do it her way. I decided I didn’t care if it took 20 hours.

Thank you all so much! I promise you all swam 1000 strokes each. You were right there.

I wished I could show you the beauty of the ocean that I saw. Frolicking dolphins. A nosey whale. Sea Lions! Amazing. The memory of this experience will be with me for the rest of my days.

Finally, thank you to my crew.

Time: 13hrs 5mins

Callum's crew: Steve and Lisa Corbett

Vessel: Pacific Moon

Difficulty Scale(Callum's measure). A solid 4.2/5

We did it!

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1 Comment

Gerard Melling
Gerard Melling
Sep 30, 2023

Great photos and what a swim! Loved following your journey

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