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We Swim TODAY!

Just waking up here in California! A solid 8 hours sleep! Yes!!!

I’ll keep in touch with you all as the day unfolds.

You can access the live swim tracker by visiting and clicking on the Catalina swim on the map (Jacqueline from Infinity, bloody great idea!).

A reminder of scheduled start times;

10pm, Thursday September 28th (LA time);

6:00pm NZ time (Fri, Sep 29th)

1:00pm SG time (Fri, Sep 29th)

3:00pm AEST (Fri, Sep 29th)

Let’s GO!!!!!

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Gerard Melling
Gerard Melling
Sep 30, 2023

I just watched the coming ashore video- Niecia posted it -congratulations Callum!!!. That is a gnarly “beach” I’m afraid… fantastic achievement. Best of luck with the other swims and the charity


Yes!!!💪🏼💪🏼 Go well Callum!!!

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