The Next Challenge - Oceans 7 Challenge

In 2019 I fell in love with Ocean swimming when we completed the English Channel.
I am now continuing the quest to conquer the Seven Seas! More precisely, I am accelerating my goal of completing the Oceans 7 Challenge.
It's a marathon swimming challenge consisting of seven open water channel swims. It includes the English Channel, the Molokai Channel, the Catalina Channel, the North Channel, the Tsugaru Strait,  the Strait of Gibraltar and the Cook Strait.
The journey so far…we have conquered 2 of the Oceans 7 swims. It has been amazing. 
We have met so many incredible people. As well as visiting so many incredible parts of the world, we have raised over 1/3 million Australian dollars to help find a cure for cancer. To add, we have also worked hard building awareness around living and eating healthily. We have also been focused on simply encouraging people to proactively undertake health checks. There is no better cure than simple prevention.
Sarah, my wife is now two years into her battle with Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. This means cancer presented in her lungs, parts of her skeleton, thyroid and brain. Since that day in September 2020, life in the Eade household has been very different. So…I swim to make a difference.
There is so so much more work to do, to not only raise money to continue to accelerate the fight against the disease, but equally importantly, to raise AWARENESS!



Cook Strait New Zealand is first up this year! We have officially been granted a tide.  The swim window is February 27 - March 5. The neap tides in the Cook Strait are relatively short so we need mother nature to play its part and let us give it a red hot crack! Only 130 people have swum this channel….and only 88 kiwis!

Later in the year we’re headed to The Catalina Channel, off the coast of Los Angeles in September 2023. We also plan to tackle the Gibraltar Strait in 2023.
So, buckle in! You’re not going to want to miss this chapter!
Stay tuned to my blog for more updates!

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