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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The first week down of winding back up into the 9 month program to the Irish Channel.

The synopsis;

A cruisy 14km week, blended with Indoor riding. I felt that during the build up last year where I only really swam, (combined with gym strength and stretch) I wasn’t able to maintain the same aerobic fitness. I also felt I carried more body fat, because as my swimming became more efficient and I spent more time in Z2. The bike sessions are also providing me with much needed leg strength. So, it’s here to stay.

This week coming we’ll take mileage to 20+km’s a week. I’ll hold that for 2 weeks and then lift again.

In terms of body weight, I’m targeting getting down to 105kg. It’s a more comfortable weight.

The North Channel is coldest of the 7 Ocean swims. In preparation we are installing a 1m long chest freezer that we will maintain full of water at <14 degrees. We’re also planning 2-3 winter camps in Australia. These are key. You just can’t simulate actually moving in cold water. You’re blood cells adapt and increase in quantity and assist in their ability to insulate. Also, the body creates ‘brown fat’, a natural insulator. In addition, there is no substitute for mental preparation.

Righto! Lots of work ahead! Here we go again!

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