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I'm now 4 weeks into this stroke rebuild.

Things I have learnt;

  • old dogs CAN learn new tricks!

  • This process really has impacted every single part of my stroke.

  • That said, I'm now fixing other issues as part of the process 😉

  • It's been interesting being humble and stepping down a lane/ sitting on the back instead of the front/ compromising speed for form/ listening to feedback/ compartmentalising my stroke so I can work on one thing at a time.

I think we're a long long way down the track. There's certainly NO going back.

I've also realised that I now have a bigger repertoire of stroke options. 3-3, or 2-2, 3-2-2-3, 4..etc.

I'll keep you posted but I get the feeling we're ultimately going to be stronger AND more efficient!

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