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Pool for Rent!

Hey all! Two days until Santa comes! Headed down to the local(pool) tonight for a solid 4km session. It seemed that the rest of Singapore had something better to do. #awesome #stayhomesingapore

What am I noticing? My body is already changing shape. I feel like I am aerobically so so much stronger. I will say that I am taking a decent time to warm up and loosen up. IT took me 1500 to feel at home. I was sore today after a pretty big week. I swam 14km this week...the longest swim week I have ever had. According to Chloe's training program, this was an easy week. Bigger weeks to come.

Chloe also advises to mix up the session. I have been doing this on the back of this week. This ensures all round strength. In her words, swim freestyle continuously and you will swim like a jellyfish...SLOWLY!

What's also interesting to observe is that my feel for the water has completely changed. It just feels so natural to swim. Food intake. I am starting to eat more. I am hoooovering the smoothies at the moment. We'll see how long they last as a meal replacement!

I'll see you tomorrow when I sign off for the big fat guy in a red suit. (Not Trump!)

Observation: 7 days- 4 different pools!

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Peter Bocquet
Peter Bocquet
23 déc. 2018

Great job mate. Just remember - chocolate milkshakes don’t count as “meal replacement smoothies” !!!

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