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Port Melbourne Cold Water Swim Camp!


What an incredible experience the Melbourne Ocean Swim Camp was. I had 3 key swims in the ocean while in Melbourne. Saturday was 19km (6 hours), Sunday was 9km (3.5 hours), Monday, 3km, (1 hour).

The weekend was spent with 20 likeminded people, encompassing solo and team English Channel swimmers in training.

The Saturday 20km swim also doubled as the qualification swim for the channel. In order to be allowed to swim the channel, every swimmer must complete a 6 hour swim in 15 degree water. Job done!

One of the huge highlights of the weekend was witnessing the Spider Crabs that were in Sorrento Bay. They make the annual trek into the safe waters of the bay to shed their shells before returning to the deep. There were literally hundreds of thousands of them! Amazing!

The next cold water camp is in NSW, 3 hours South of Sydney! There we will execute two back to back 6 hour swims! Massive!

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