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Records Tumble...

What a week! 7 days in the pool. Some numbers;

- 28 km‘s

- 8000 calories in the pool

- 1120 laps

- 9 hours

- only peed in 1 pool! ( the one in China!)

I’m tired. I’ve reduced the bike riding. The running went out the door 6 weeks ago.

All that said, fear really is the best motivator. Simply not knowing what lays ahead means I’m doing everything Chloe charts for me.

I reckon I’ll build to a point where I can deal deal with the distance. I’m getting strong. The cold still terrifies me!

I had a dream 2 nights ago. I dreamt that I entered an Ironman this year as well as the Channel! The nightmare woke me! Thankfully it’s not true. It is an indication that I am living and breathing this project.

Its all taking time away from home. The energy this is taking is massive. Realistically, it means we get one go at this. I cant have Team Eade endure this for longer than necessary!

Righto, Monday tomorrow. The weekly speedo resets to zero! I hate that!

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