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Where does the money we raise go?

As many of you know, our North(Irish) Channel swim was used as the vehicle to raise funds to help in the development of Translational Cancer Nanomedicine (TCN) as a new process to beat cancer! TCN focuses on understanding how cancers grow, metastasise and develop resistance to therapy. The researchers use innovative technology to more directly target tumour cells by ‘packaging’ the anti-cancer drugs in tiny nanoparticles. This in turn enables these drugs to move through the body to the cancer tumour where the nanoparticles will then release these drugs within the tumour. Amazing!

Our goal was $50,000.

With your help, we raised over $300,000!!!! WOW!

Here is a small video from the team at Sydney's Children's Cancer Insitute thanking us for all the work we collectively did together!

Know also that we'll keep you posted as we track the work CCI do with this critical funding.

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Amazing!!! ❤️❤️

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