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Lozz’s Marathon Effort

Family and Friends,

We have been blessed and constantly overwhelmed at the ongoing love and support we have received from all of you. But today we are very grateful and super excited to share one very special, albeit crazy, friend’s challenge….

Lauren Stapleton is running her first Marathon on 29.11.20 to support @channelingacause raise much needed funds for Tour de Cure, our favourite cancer charity, having funded over 40 cancer breakthroughs since 2007.

Loz has now completed week 5 of 8 weeks training before the big run on Sunday 29 November. In October alone, she ran 234km in almost 21 hours. Bring on the 42Loz! To track her progress, follow Lauren on STRAVA

Even more heart warming for us, her husband Matt is supporting Team Eade, as Callum’s support swimmer when he undertakes the Triple! Yes, I am still planning to swim the English Channel, not once, but THREE TIMES! I plan to establish the Guinness World Record as the oldest person to swim the English Channel 3 times, consecutively. 

The incredible Stapleton family’s decision to do this is to achieve personal fitness goals, but more importantly to raise vital funds to support cancer research and clinical trials to minimise the impact cancer has on all of our current lives, as well as the impact it has on our children’s future.

Matt is Lieutenant in Chief which means he will be swimming with me as much as he is allowed under the rule book (approximately 50% of the 3 legs). He is in serious training and has under 12 months before the big race in Dover scheduled for October 2021. 

So we ALL need your help. Loz is also kindly asking for donations for her marathon to support TOURDECURE through CHANNELING A CAUSE -

️ Click on the Red Heart Button to support, every dollar counts. Please also feel free to share this your family and friends and anyone we may have missed. Further updates to come closer to the race. 

Thank you for your generosity and support.

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1 commentaire

Geoff Coombes
Geoff Coombes
06 déc. 2020

What a team.... congrats Loz!

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